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Current opportunities with Trek Medics


Looking for a donated ambulance?

If you’re interested in a donated ambulance, we unfortunately don’t have any available — we’d encourage you to read this article before investing the time and money needed to acquire, operate and maintain one.

Looking for a paid position with Trek Medics?

We are a small non-profit, non-governmental organization with a very limited budget, making paid positions equally limited. We fully empathize with your desire to have a paid position, but we want to be upfront with you and save you time: If there are no paid positions listed here, we unfortunately don’t have any to offer.

Looking to "practice your medical skills" before advanced training?

While some organizations with established clinical programs may allow students to perform medical interventions in foreign countries under supervision by foreign doctors, we do not.

Our staff and volunteers do not provide medical care in the countries where we work without local accreditation. If you are looking for an opportunity to “practice your skills” before going to medical or paramedic school, we will not be able to assist you

If you are interested in riding along and observing the services of one of our partner agencies, you can learn more about those opportunities here:

Interested in an unpaid volunteer position?

We are always happy to hear from people who are interested in volunteering with our organization.

If you are interested in volunteering with our field programs, we only accept applications for long-term placements (minimum 6-months with a small stipend). These positions likely require fluency in local languages, so please list those skills at the top of your resume if applicable.

If you are interested in supporting our front office through a volunteer position, please send us an email describing what skills you can offer and how you think you could best support us. The best applications are those that spell out what the volunteer can offer, why it’d be important to our organization, and how they’d plan to achieve it. We would love to respond to every email we get, but without any specific information provided we won’t know what to do with your application.


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