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Beacon Emergency Dispatch for iOS - Message 3: Confirm Additional Resources
Beacon Emergency Dispatch for iOS - Message 4: Confirm Transport
Beacon Emergency Dispatch for iOS - Message 5: Confirm Hospital Arrival
Beacon Emergency Dispatch App: Incident Response Times - Swahili

How can Beacon help your emergency service?

Build a New System

I want to build an emergency response system from scratch.

Integrate Communications

I belong to an emergency service and we’re looking for better communications.

Beacon Mobile App

My agency is already using Beacon and I need to download the emergency app.

Deliver Emergency Care Anywhere

Beacon is a text message-based emergency dispatching platform for emergency responders and agencies that need better communications.

Designed by Trek Medics International, Beacon makes emergency dispatching possible anywhere there’s a mobile phone signal by relaying requests for emergency assistance as text messages to the nearest trained responders — with or without internet on any mobile phone. Beacon automates the dispatching process by guiding the nearest available emergency care providers to quickly locate, treat, and transport emergency victims to healthcare facilities.

And now you can set it up on your own.

Beacon: Emergency Medical Dispatch - 9-1-1 Where There Is None

Why Beacon?

Beacon was built to improve access to emergency care anywhere.

To do that,  we had to build a new computer aided dispatch software for the mobile age. Something that was flexible, yet robust. Something that could stand alone on its own, but would also integrate easily with legacy CAD systems. Above all, we had to build something that could be used on any phone, with or without internet.


Today, with the release of our new Beacon Emergency App for iPhone and Android platforms, and the launch of the new do-it-yourself set up portal, we’re confident Beacon is the most complete dispatching platform available today at the most affordable rate.

  • Beacon Emergency Dispatch Platform Dashboard v2.4

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Dispatches from the responders and volunteers active on the Beacon platform

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