Text Message-based Emergency Dispatch Platform

Alert, track and coordinate emergency response networks on any mobile phone — with or without Internet.

BEACON Dispatcher

BEACON Dispatcher is a powerful mobile based platform that allows any organization to design, test, launch and be ready to scale their own emergency dispatching system in 30 minutes or less!

Register* a Responder account (responders are require separate accounts) for each of your team members and assign them to your BEACON Dispatcher account.

Once registered, dispatchers can alert, coordinate and track responders through SMS and/or the BEACON mobile app.

Clean & Simple Design You will have no issues finding the software to be very intuitive, with very little-to-no learning curve.
Reduce Response Times The Beacon software is instant. Once you send out an alert through the Dispatch, you choose who within your team gets the notification immediately.
Very Customizable Streamline end-to-end coordination of emergency response operations.
Affordable You get 90 Days to try our software absolutely free, after which you can then complete your sign up. Special programs are available for small orginizations and non-profits that COULD make it FREE!
Instant Upgrade Your team likely already has the tools in their pocket to make this a success. No more expensive specialized equipment. BEAON is 100% Plug-and-Play in almost every situation.
Always Connected BEACON provides real-time communication and incident updates when connected to the internet. BEACON allows responders to switch to SMS mode when internet is not available.
Beacon Emergency Dispatch - Agency Account

BEACON Responder

BEACON Responder is the companion mobile app that allows emergency responders to receive and reply to incident alerts anywhere.

  • Reduce response times
  • Streamline end-to-end coordination of emergency response operations
  • Improve incident outcomes

The app provides real-time communication and incident updates when connected to the Internet and also allows responders to switch to SMS mode when Internet is not available!

*Dispatchers and Responders require separate accounts.
Go to the Account Sign Up page to learn how to set up each account type.

Emergency Calendar (eCal) - Available on the App Store



Emergency Medical Services


Fire Departments


Disaster Response


Overdose Response


Domestic Crises





“It does everything we could want it to do. It worked flawlessly and it’s going to make our jobs a lot easier.”

— Operations Specialist, Catastrophic Incident Search and Rescue, US Coast Guard


“The software is working fantastically to meet our needs in the program. Folks are impressed with what Beacon does.”

— CEO, Domestic Violence Advocacy Organization


“We have again successfully used Beacon for another large running event last weekend. This one had a cardiac arrest occur and the system worked well, even with us sending quite a few resources at the same time to it. It helped us facilitate a swift response and achieve a very good outcome.”

— Ambulance Service Operations Manager, UK


“This is really a no-brainer. I can’t believe no one’s come up with this before. It’s perfect. We’re saving lives.”

— Exec. Director, Harm Reduction Advocacy Organization

FREE 90-Day Trial to BEACON Dispatcher!

  • 1. Create your free 90-day BEACON Dispatcher trial account.
  • 2. Create profiles for Responders on BEACON Dispatcher.
  • 3. Responders with smartphones can download the BEACON Responder Mobile App.
    (Complete steps 1 and 2 before completing this step)
  • 4. Once verification is complete, the Responder app will be paired with the Dispatcher platform.

Download BEACON Responder FREE!

Available NOW on the App Store & the Play Store!



Emergency Calendar (eCal) - Available on the App Store

(The Responder App is free. But it must be paired with your companies Dispatcher Account)

Send us an email to share how you think Beacon can help your service.