Benjamin Gilmour, MIPH, EMT-PSr. Technical Advisor

Benjamin Gilmour has worked as a frontline paramedic for 18 years in Sydney, Australia. He achieved a Bachelor of Paramedical Science in the year 2000 from Charles Sturt University and holds a Graduate Diploma in International Public Health. Benjamin has worked on ambulance service consulting assignments in various low-income nations and assisted with the development of Pakistan’s Rescue 1122 service in 2004. His travels in EMS have taken him to more than a dozen nations, culminating in his best-selling book, Paramedico – Around the World by Ambulance (HarperCollins, 2012), a collection of 13 vignettes from ambulance services in 13 different countries, with an accompanying documentary by the same name. Find them both here – you won’t regret it! Paramedico on Vimeo

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