Josué Díaz-Berríos

BIOGRAPHY Josué Díaz-Berríos was born and raised on the southeast of the island of Puerto Rico. He’s driven by his passion for improving healthcare. In 2018, he completed with honors a [...]

Colleen Udell

  BIOGRAPHY Colleen began her career in emergency management as an EMT-I in 2010. In 2017, after Hurricane Harvey, she began to focus specifically on disaster relief and recovery during [...]

James Millard

James was born and raised in Durban on the East coast of South Africa and is passionate about improving healthcare access to the under-served. After serving in both the military and police he [...]

Paul Maxwell, EMT-P

Paul Maxwell is a veteran San Diego paramedic of over 25 years and the president and co-founder of EPIC Medics, a community-based, nonprofit organization dedicated to mobilizing EMS personnel in [...]

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