CHEAR ME Member: Swift Emergency Response Unit (SERU) Kenya




Kiambu, Kenya

 Mission Statement

Promoting safety at our best for all while saving lives through instilling safety and disaster skills to the general public always.


To be the leading team of volunteer first responders in creating a safer environment in Kiambu County and Kenya at large with an aim of training and bringing up more community safety ambassadors to assist in times of disasters and emergencies.


  1. Sharing and disseminate information on the best safety and disaster risk reduction practices in Kiambu County and Kenya at large
  2. Promoting disaster risk reduction in schools, and the community at large
  3. First aid services
  4. Search / rescue / response and tracing services
  5. Road rescue services (24/7) through a coordinated system & ambulance services
  6. Guidance and counseling and psycho-social support
  7. Relief services
  8. Health and safety training such as first aid, fire and safety, occupational health and safety towards the local community
  9. Establishing team of volunteer community first responders at Local level to challenge the urge needed for safety response, rescue, and disaster risk reduction and disseminate the upcoming young stars in learning institutions across all grade levels, worship centers and general public
  10. To promote universal health care (UHC) through a coordinated manner while working with other multi agencies and organizations in kiambu county and Kenya at large

Recent Awards, Accomplishments, Partnerships

Establishing of volunteer community first responders through an initiative dubbed “Usalama Wa Dharura Kwa Wote” (“Safety Emergency For All”) in six sub-counties.

Letter of commendation for good service

Active partnerships with Kiambu County Fire and Rescue Services Department and local healthcare providers


For safety equipment, safety training, and after-sale services call: 0726 701 877

For emergency assistance call: 0203 893 522

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CHEAR ME: Collaboration to Help East African Response to Medical Emergencies
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