Position: Intern, Software Programmer Location: NYC, or remote Reports to: Executive Director (NYC) Status: Intern Term: 3-6 months

Send your CV/résumé and cover letter to:

[email protected]

SUMMARY   We are looking for a highly productive and reliable intern to join our software development team and contribute in one of three areas:

  • Backend functionality – The Backend dispatches and coordinates first responders via text messages and automates the entire emergency response process from incident alert to patient handover at a facility
  • Frontend features – The Frontend allows managers, supervisors and dispatchers to communicate and coordinate the platforms operations
  • Mobile App layout and design – The Mobile App allows first responders to receive alerts and coordinate their actions with the Beacon platform

BACKGROUND   Trek Medics International is an early-stage, health tech, non-profit organization (501c3-registered) that builds and improve emergency medical systems through innovative mobile phone technologies in low- and middle-income countries where access to emergency care and transport is unreliable. Working with local communities, Trek Medics leverages available resources to strengthen existing emergency response networks, including both formal and formal emergency responders, vis-à-vis Beacon, a text message-based emergency dispatching platform – “9-1-1 where there is none”.   As part of our growing team, the successful candidate will have a unique opportunity to pioneer the implementation and expansion of first-in-kind emergency medicals system, funded through support from international development agencies and reputable technology companies.   The Beacon emergency dispatch platform is comprised of:

  • Backend – Ruby on Rails
  • Frontend – Angular JS with some Ruby
  • Messaging – SMS gateway provides, including Twilio and Bongo Live (East Africa)
  • Mobile App – React Native, available on Android and iOS platforms

Trek Medics’ culture values respect, teamwork, collaboration and perseverance in developing innovative global health solutions that are both sustainable and culturally relevant.


  • Oversee the enhancement, scaling and maintenance of the Beacon Emergency Dispatch platform
  • Apply incisive design and exceptional coding skills to tackle the platform’s extensive and growing features list
  • Lead periodic rapid re-factorings that keep the platform code fresh, flexible and reusable
  • Collaborate with senior management and field program partners to identify, prioritize, design and execute new features and enhancements


  • Strong Web application architecture and design skills
  • Fast, clear, efficient code implementation
  • In-depth knowledge of Ruby on Rails (backend), Angular JS (frontend) and/or React Native (mobile app)
  • Team orientation; ability to participate in lively engineering debate, making a strong case for well-considered opinions, while listening to, appreciating, and critiquing the opinions of peers
  • Ability to analyze and improve the scalability and performance of high-volume, information-rich Web applications
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong customer empathy and customer experience sensitivity – particularly as it regards to working with partners who have limited technological proficiency
  • Must be highly self-motivated, ambitious, flexible, self-sufficient and high-energy
  • Proficiency in basic mobile technologies and platforms (e.g., feature and smartphones, push notifications, SMS gateways et al)


  • Search/information retrieval
  • Map-based applications (i.e., OpenStreetMap, GoogleMaps)
  • Analytics, data warehousing, and business intelligence
  • Information visualization


  • Search/information retrieval
  • Map-based applications (i.e., OpenStreetMap, GoogleMaps)
  • Analytics, data warehousing, and business intelligence
  • Information visualization

WHAT WE OFFER Trek Medics is offering candidates a challenging opportunity to make meaningful contributions in areas of great need. We are offering the chance for candidates to say that their work is being used to save lives; the chance to work with an inspired and dedicated team; and the chance to contribute to pioneering work in global health and emergency preparedness. At the end of a successful internship, the candidate should be equipped to nail any job interview they go into afterwards.   Please send your application (résumé and cover letter describing your motivation and experience) using the contact information below.

Send us an email to share how you think Beacon can help your service.