You’re Invited!


Experience and support a busy EMS agency in a great tourist destination

*Open to qualified EMS professionals

Donations made directly to Rescate Ambar
are strongly recommended

Avenida Manolo Tavarez Justo #180 Puerto Plata,
Dominican Republic

Spend a weekend riding along with EMTs in Puerto Plata, D.R.


(“Amber Rescue”) was founded in 2003 as a nonprofit organization to provide 24-7 emergency medical services to the city of Puerto Plata on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic. In February 2017, Trek Medics partnered with Rescate Ambar by providing them with access to the Beacon emergency dispatching platform as well as support for their operations. Today, Rescate Ambar is working to expand their services to meet the growing demand and they’re hoping you can help them out!

You’re invited to

  • Ride along in the Dominican Republic with Rescate Ambar and get to know the crew and local culture
  • Enjoy the warm blue Caribbean waters by day and see the best (and the worst) of the nightlife
  • Participate in training with a great crew of pioneering EMTs
  • Stay in the station quarters and eat at the best local joints

This a great opportunity to support a busy volunteer service on the pristine coastline of a major Caribbean port city.   (*If a Spanish-English translator is needed, a $50/night donation is required)

Rescate Ambar - Organismo de Socorro - Puerto Plata, República Dominicana

How does it work?

  1. Pick your dates – You can spend as long as you like in Puerto Plata and the Dominican Republic, and there’s plenty to see across the country, but we recommend planning to ride along with Rescate Ambar between Thursday-Sunday
  2. Book your plane tickets to Puerto Plata (POP) — Round-trip flights from NYC to Puerto Plata go daily from NYC and Miami, and cost between $400-$800 round-trip
  3. Contact them directly via Facebook


This opportunity is an open, independent invitation from Rescate Amber and is not sponsored or coordinated by Trek Medics. Trek Medics staff and volunteers do not provide medical care in the countries where we work without local accreditation.

If you choose to visit one of our partners of your own accord, please donate cash directly to the Manager.

Our partners are emergency medical service providers (not tour operators) and every day is a struggle to maintain their service. Offering your skills and training is kind, but won’t do much to help them stock their ambulance or fill their gas tank.

If you arrange to visit them, please donate directly to them!



Send us an email to share how you think Beacon can help your service.