Job Opening


Beacon Emergency Dispatch Platform

Beacon Emergency Dispatch Platform

Trek Medics seeks a talented Product Manager committed to social impact.

Send your CV/résumé and cover letter to:

[email protected]

Position: Product Manager
Location: Remote
Reports to: Executive Director
Status: Full-time

SUMMARY – Trek Medics International is seeking a highly productive and reliable Product Manager who can join our management team and contribute in the following ways:


  • Ensure our Beacon emergency dispatch platform is running optimally
  • Work with our users and development team to improve and expand Beacon’s list of features and functionality
  • Work with our business development team to increase Beacon’s active users

BACKGROUND – Trek Medics is an early-stage, health tech, non-profit organization (501c3-registered) that builds and improves emergency medical systems in communities with unreliable access to emergency care and transport through innovative mobile phone technologies. Working with local communities, Trek Medics leverages available resources to strengthen existing emergency response networks, including both formal and informal emergency responders, vis-à-vis Beacon, a text message-based emergency dispatching platform – “9-1-1 where there is none”.

We currently have active programs in Tanzania, the Dominican Republic and Chile providing 24-7 hour coverage to nearly 700,000 people. The platform and programs have been funded through individual donors, foundations and corporate grants, including from,, USAID, and Cisco, among others.

Over the next 6-12 months we will be adding significant new functionality to our software while also pushing for a rapid expansion of the platform’s user base, creating a genuinely unique opportunity to pioneer the implementation and scaling of first-in-kind emergency medical systems, funded in part through support from international development agencies and reputable technology companies.

The Beacon emergency dispatch platform is comprised of:

  • Backend (v2.4.1) – Ruby on Rails
  • Frontend (v2.4.2) – Angular JS
  • Mobile App (v1.1.1) – React Native
  • Database — SQLite
  • Messaging –- SMS gateway providers

Trek Medics’ culture values respect, teamwork, collaboration and perseverance in developing innovative global health solutions that are both sustainable and culturally relevant.


  • Oversee the daily maintenance, enhancement, testing, and scaling of the Beacon platform and supporting technologies
  • Listen to our users and apply incisive design and exceptional organizational practices to manage the platform’s extensive and growing features list to meet their needs
  • Prioritize, budget and manage software development projects and staff
  • Collaborate with senior management and field program partners to identify, prioritize, design, test and execute new functions, features and enhancements for the platform
  • Assist in the recruitment of new partners and manage the on-boarding process for them to become active participants on the platform


  • Has worked successfully in a startup environment
  • Has produced work with exceptional user design and demonstrated uptake
  • Has directed and supervised complex technology projects with clear results
  • Can define product strategy and translate that strategy into excellent product requirements for the development team
  • Can successfully manage different people with different skills from different cultures
  • Is reliable, has good judgement, and can work independently
  • Can travel to foreign countries and perform successfully


  • Has experience in designing and implementing computer aided dispatch systems and/or mission-critical communications systems
  • Has experience working in international development programs


Trek Medics offers you a challenging and meaningful job, an inspiring and motivated team, and performance-oriented remuneration.

The position will have all of the responsibility and opportunity one would expect from a similar position in a similar tech startup and the pay of a small nonprofit.

Please send your résumé/CV and cover letter describing what you’ll bring to our organization as separate attachments to the contact info listed below by Mar. 31, 2018. Incomplete applications will be passed over.