Why am I not receiving alerts on my device?


Both Android and iOS have implemented restrictions on how mobile apps can receive push notifications (i.e., “Alerts”) that effect different devices in different ways. If you are having problems receiving push notifications, follow these instructions. If you are still having issues, please contact us at [email protected] to help you resolve the issue.


For iOS users:

  1. When you first install the Beacon app, make sure to give Beacon permissions to send you Push Notifications (see: Image 1 below)
  2. To confirm you’ve given permissions to Beacon, go to the Notifications screen in your Settings and make sure everything is set correctly (see: Image 2 below)
  3. Confirm you have the latest version of the Beacon app installed
  4. Confirm you have the latest version of iOS installed
  5. If all of these have been taken care of and you still aren’t receiving Push Notifications, restart your device by powering the entire phone off and then powering it back on


Beacon Push Notifications Settings iOS


For Android users:
Admittedly, it’s not easy to test every Android device as thoroughly as iOS because: A) There are hundreds of different devices that use the Android operating system, and B) Device manufacturers are able to change the Android operating system however they want, resulting in different devices handling notifications in different ways.

Fortunately, most Androids don’t have problems with push notifications, but we have seen that, in general, the cheaper Android devices are more likely to have problems with push notifications (as well as most Huawei devices). If you run into problems, here are some steps to take to troubleshoot (see images below for more details):

  1. Go to the Settings screen and click on the “App Notifications” screen, then select the Beacon app
  2. You should see two different types of notification options:
    • “Other” which handles chat messages
    • “Siren” which handles alert messages
  3. Select each Notification type and adjust the settings to look like images 4 & 5 below
    • Please note that every Android device has different Settings so you may not see the same display as is pictured below (this is from a Samsung Galaxy, which never has problems with Push Notifications). Whatever the case, make sure you are changing the notifications to be “Urgent”, to always display the badge, to always vibrate, and to override “Do Not Disturb”
  4. If you continue to have issues, here are some other settings to check (We told you — this is far more complicated than it should be. See the images below for more detail):
    • Settings>Notifications:
      • Turn off Notification Snoozing
      • Turn off Hiding Silent Notifications
    • Settings>Lock Screen
      • Turn on Notifications on Lock Screen
      • Turn on Wake Screen for Notifications
    • Settings>Battery Optimization
      • Don’t optimize battery use for Beacon
    • Settings>Adaptive Notifications
      • Turn off
  5. If none of these solutions work, then we have run into the limitations of Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM, the “cross-platform messaging solution that lets you reliably send messages at no cost.“)
    • According to the FCM site: “The Android framework advises that apps that have been stopped (not in background) should not be started without explicit user interaction. FCM follows this recommendation and thus does not deliver messages to stopped apps.”
    • What this means is that in order to receive Push Notifications from Beacon, you’ll have to keep the app open in the background.
    • Fortunately, we’ve only seen this happen on the low-end Android devices, but at least you now know. But if you’re still having problems, please send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll try to help you resolve it
    • We wish it were easier to straighten out, but we know we’re not alone — other apps built for emergency services are having the same exact problems.

Beacon App Notification Settings Android



Beacon App Notification Advanced Settings Android



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