Confirmar Transporte al Hospital

After arriving on-scene, users whose Response Type has been marked as Patient Transport will be asked if they’ll be transporting patients to the hospital.

Response View: Confirm Hospital Transport

To confirm that you are transporting a patient:

  1. Click on the Transport Destination field to display a pop-up where you will select the correct transport destination available from the destinations added through the Beacon web pages
  2. Next use the Counter to indicate the number of patients you are transporting
  3. Then select your estimated time of arrival (ETA) to the hospital, in minutes
  4. Finally, click Confirm to finalize your transport details
    • If you added any phone numbers to the hospital, an advanced notification will be sent by SMS to that phone number with the information you just confirmed as well as your name and phone number so that the hospital can contact while en route you if needed
  5. Click No Transport if you’re not going to transport patients to the hospital

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