Recursos Adicionales

The first person to confirm on-scene is marked by Beacon as the Incident Commander and is asked to determine if Additional Resources are needed.

All other responders who confirm on-scene after the Incident Commander will skip this step and either be asked to Confirm Hospital Transport or Complete the Incident

Response View: Determine Additional Resources

  1. Click on the Incoming Resources row to see a pop-up window showing a summary of other responders assigned to this incident. Only responders who are en route will be shown here, including their name, transport mode, and estimated ETA to the incident location; all responders who are already on-scene won’t be shown here
  2. If more resources are desired, use the Counter to increase the quantity and a second Incident Alert will be sent out to available responders after you click Confirm below; if no additional resources are needed, leave the counter at 0
  3. After you’ve selected the quantity desired in the counter, click Confirm

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