Indicador de Incidentes

The Incident Display screen is used to view and respond to active incidents.

Incident Display Navigation

  1. Incident Address — Displays the address of the incident, when available
  2. Incident Type –Displays the class, category and/or type of incident
  3. Incident Description — Displays more details in free form about the incident, as entered by the Dispatcher
  4. Response View — Click to reply to requests for assistance, get assigned to an incident, and interact with Beacon through live incidents
  5. Simultaneous Incidents — If there’s more than incident at a time, the user can swipe to the right and left to view each incident
  6. Incident ID — This is a unique identification number for each incident
  7. Collapse Display – This button collapses the Incident Display to allow for full viewing of the map,
  8. Incident Description — Clicking on the incident marker shows the Incident Description, as shown in #3

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