Alerta Inicial

The Incident Alert displays all of the information about an active incident and allows a responder to reply to the request for assistance.

Response View: Incident Alert

  1. Collapse Response View — Click to view the map in a full screen view
  2. Close Response View — Returns the user to the Incident Display view
  3. Set Your Response Time — If you want to respond to an incident alert, click on the red time signature to select your estimated time of arrival (ETA) to the incident location in hours:minutes, then click “Confirm” to set your ETA
  4. Confirm Response Time — Click “Confirm” here again to submit your ETA to Beacon, then click “Accept”. If your ETA is accepted by Beacon, you’ll be told to “Proceed to Location” (see next screen: Proceed to Location)
  5. Ignore Response — If you don’t want to respond to the alert, you can click “Ignore”

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