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Cisco Systems Corporate Social Responsibility

Executive Summary: Trek Medics is offering grant support of up to $5,000 in unrestricted funding to community-based disaster and emergency response organizations seeking to improve their operations through communications technology.

Eligibility Criteria: Successful grantees are expected to have active operations and a minimum of 15 responders, and would include, but are not limited to, the following types of organizations:

  • Volunteer EMS/fire departments
  • Disaster response organizations
  • Search and rescue teams
  • Emergency management groups
  • Red Cross
  • Community Emergency Response Teams
  • Civil defense groups
  • Medical standby groups
  • Neighborhood watch

Current Grantees

Geaux Rescue Disaster Response

Background: As the frequency and intensity of disasters continues to increase across the United States, so does the potential for these incidents to overwhelm formal response systems, often forcing critical emergency operations to be delegated to community volunteers, whether intentionally or not. These increases in disasters and severe weather have also been accompanied by a steady rise in the number of community-based disaster and emergency response organizations. Yet despite the widespread availability of mobile phone communications tools, there are very few solutions designed specifically to support, manage and track the operations of responders in disaster settings. Instead, the most common tools used typically offer little more than free-for-all voice and chat messaging, resulting in a lack of formalization and accountability among grassroots and community organizations.

Grant Purpose: To improve the communications capabilities and tracking of community-based disaster and emergency response organizations through mobile technologies designed specifically for local deployment

Grant Objectives: Within three months, support provided to grantees will help them to:

  1. Increase the number of emergency incidents responded to and the operations data collected
  2. Increase the number of responders and geographic areas covered by the awardee
  3. Reduce response times to emergency incidents
  4. Reduce communications and operations costs

Grant Activities: Successful grantees will be expected to carry out the following activities:

  • Complete an assessment
  • Set up/improve communications capabilities, as needed:
    • Connectivity
    • Call intake
    • Call dispatching
  • Complete the technology training
  • Complete live technology simulations
  • Integrate the technology into response operations
  • Participate in ongoing quality improvement efforts

Award: Successful grantees will be eligible for up to $5,000 in unrestricted funding in 2019 based on the following criteria:

  • Number of active responders
  • Size of the coverage area
  • Number of incidents attended
  • Technological needs

How to Apply: Send us a letter to [email protected] with the subject, “Technology Grant Application – [Insert Organization Name]”, and include the following information:

  • Organization name, address, and contact info
  • Personnel – Number and type of active responders
  • Coverage area — Volume and distribution of operations
  • Current communications capabilities
  • Summary of past experience
  • Organizational goals
  • Incorporation status (if any)
  • Website and/or social media links

Application Timeline: The application process will adhere to the following timeline:

  • Applications are accepted on a rolling, first-come-first-serve basis
  • Applications are reviewed as quickly as possible; when needed, additional information may be requested and interviews conducted
  • Successful awardees will be notified
  • Grant terms will be discussed and agreed to
  • Grant funds will begin to be distributed monthly

About Trek Medics: Trek Medics International is a 501c3-registered nonprofit, nongovernmental organization that improves emergency response networks through innovative mobile phone technologies, specifically through the Beacon dispatch software, a text message-based emergency dispatching platform designed specifically for community-based response organizations that don’t need or can’t afford advanced dispatching technologies. To learn more about Trek Medics’ approach to disaster response operations and logistics, you can watch this TEDx presentation by our founder.