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We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve recently been accepted as one of three organizations to take part in the Bindu Project, a new nonprofit social enterprise accelerator, founded by Shelley Bird, an Executive V.P. at Cardinal Health. We’re very excited to be a part of this tremendous project, and we’re hopeful you’ll support Trek Medics through the Bindu Project by purchasing a coin or pendant today. Here’s more about The Bindu Project:


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The Bindu Project is a nonprofit social enterprise accelerator. It’s like private equity for charitable start-ups. Helping support burgeoning charities during their formative stage as they work on execution, sustainability and scale. As they pilot new ideas, refine new models, and develop new capabilities. Small investments in big ideas.

The funding concept is simple:

The Bindu Project offers for sale beautifully designed limited edition enamel coins. Each coin, about the size of a silver dollar, represents one of five categories: education, health and development, nature and the environment, shelter and safety, and women and girls.  The five designs are also available for purchase as charms/pendants.

A charitable start-up is selected for each of the five categories. 100% of net profits from the sale of the limited edition coins and charms fund grants to the designated charitable start-up for each category.

Buy a coin or charm and support a charitable start-up. Simple.

bindu-catalogueBindu coins are the new global currency for a better world.

All of our Bindu coins and charms* are produced in nickel with an antique finish. They are die-struck from engraved steel dies and not cast from molds. The designs were meticulously engraved onto a set of steel dies and then placed in a coin press, which uses about 1,000 tons of pressure to “stamp” the design on the raw metal coin or charm surface. The coin or charms are then individually hand-painted by an expert enameler to create an exceptional work of art. Bindu coins and charms are made in the United States by one of the largest private mints, and a company that has been creating custom designs for organizations around the world, including all branches of America’s armed forces, for over 25 years. These limited-edition coins and charms make wonderful gifts or personal keepsakes AND support charitable start-ups that are doing amazing work to improve lives, communities and the world. Help drive social innovation with a Bindu coin or charm, the new global currency for a better world.

*Bindu coins are about the size of an American Silver Eagle $1 coin, and the charms are about the size of an American dime. Both charms (¾” or 20mm diam.) and coins (1½” or 39mm diam.) are antique-finish nickel and enamel. Please note that the chain – sold separately – is 18” silver-finish steel with spring-ring clasp.


To purchase a coin or charm in support of Trek Medics today, please visit, and be sure to check out the other non-profits, including the Dick and Jane Project, and Girls With Guts. The coins and jewelry make excellent gifts for birthdays and holidays, and your purchase will go to support great ideas that are working hard to make the world a better place in new and interesting ways.

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