Trek Medics Interviews from ‘The Disaster Podcast’

The Disaster Podcast is a weekly audio production that Trek Medics has had the pleasure of appearing on it for the past several years — often to make big announcements.

Included here are the episodes we’ve been featured in which you can find along with many more on their website at: 


March 29, 2018

Trek Medics announces new disaster technology grant from Cisco Systems to make Beacon Emergency Dispatch Platform “disaster-friendly”

March 2, 2017

Jason Friesen returns to the Disaster Podcast to share updates on Trek Medics progress implementing their SMS-based Emergency Dispatch Platform, Beacon, in the Dominican Republic and Tanzania

April 21, 2016

Trek Medics’ founder Jason Friesen joins the Disaster Podcast for a 2-part interview about the organization, its mission, and its approach to EMS development in low- and middle-income countries

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