Beacon Support

Looking for help?

If you’re having problems with Beacon, first check out the FAQs, Manuals, and Videos. If you can’t find the answers in any of those, reach out to us through the form below to report any problems or general troubleshooting questions you may have.

Found a bug?

If you’ve found a bug, we definitely want to hear. If you can take a screenshot of it, that’s ideal and we’d ask you to send it to us directly. Otherwise, you can share with us more using the contact form below. Please try to describe what was happening when you encountered the bug as well as you can so we can try to re-create it ourselves.

Have some suggestions or ideas to improve Beacon?

If you have ideas or recommendations as to how we can improve Beacon, send us an email using the form below and let us know what you’d like to see — we are always grateful for the feedback!