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Home Screen - Beacon Emergency Dispatch v3.2.3
Initial Alert - Beacon Emergency Dispatch v3.2.3
Confirm On-Scene - Beacon Emergency Dispatch v3.2.3
Confirm Additional Resources - Beacon Emergency Dispatch v3.2.3
Confirm Hospital Transport - Beacon Emergency Dispatch v3.2.3
Confirm Hospital Arrival - Beacon Emergency Dispatch v3.2.3
Response Times Summary - Beacon Emergency Dispatch v3.2.3

Beacon Responder is the companion app to the Beacon Dispatcher platform and allows emergency responders to receive and reply to incident alerts anywhere. The app provides real-time communication and incident updates when Internet is available and can also seamlessly switch to SMS mode when there’s no Internet connection . By using Beacon Responder, emergency response agencies can reduce response times, streamline end-to-end coordination of their emergency operations, and improve incident outcomes.


Beacon Responder is compatible with Android and iOS smartphone devices. For those without a smartphone, Beacon can still be used via SMS with any mobile phone.

If you’re having trouble receiving SMS, it may have to do with an issue with your local telecom carrier so please send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll be glad to help you sort it out.


The Beacon Responder app is free to download for all users, but has to be connected to a Beacon Dispatcher account to be used – please send us an email if you need the link. Visit the Beacon Dispatcher page to read more about pricing.

  1. First create a Beacon Dispatcher account. Be sure to register your name and phone number in your agency account. Contact [email protected] if you missed this step and your account is not working. 
  2. Register your responders to begin using Beacon via SMS. If you’d like to use the mobile app, it’s available for Android and iOS devices, but you need to send us an email to get the link to download.

*Please note: Dispatcher and Responder accounts are separate. Responders download the mobile app; Dispatchers log in to the web pages.

Stuck? Check out our Responder Guide, FAQ page, and training videos, or send us an email at [email protected].

How It Works

  • Sign Up

    Download the app and sign up to connect to your agency's account

  • Login

    Switch your availability status to "On-Duty" in Settings

  • Alert

    Receive alerts created through Beacon Dispatcher

  • Respond

    Proceed to the emergency site and coordinate with other local responders

  • Finished

    Complete the incident and be ready for the next alert

Why Beacon?


Design, test, and launch your own emergency response platform in than 30 minutes.

Editable Maps

Give responders real-time location and map updates through the mobile app, Beacon Responder.

GPS Tracking

Know where emergency crews are and what they’re up to with GPS tracking.

Mixed Dispatching

Assign specific response units to an incident or crowdsource the closest responders.

Custom Call Codes

Load your own emergency call codes – including for medical, fire, rescue, and security emergencies.

SMS Compatiblity

With Beacon, you’ll always be connected. Beacon uses push notifications when the internet is available and SMS alerts when it isn’t.

Real-Time Reports

You can see real-time performance reports for individual responders, incidents, and other aggregate performances.

Destination Tracking

While we automatically add hospitals for you, you can add local destination facilities and track them.

Need Support With Beacon?

What can Beacon do for you?

Send us an email to share how you think Beacon can help your service.

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