SMS Code Index

About SMS Codes

SMS Codes are special codes that Responders can send to Beacon via SMS to perform different functions outside the regular Incident Response workflow.

The SMS Code Index is an easy way to help you remember which SMS codes are available.

To Request the SMS Code Index, Send ### to Beacon in an SMS Message

After you send ### in an SMS message to Beacon, you’ll receive the SMS Code Index shown here, providing you with your current duty status (On-Duty or Off-Duty) and a list of the SMS Codes currently in use. To use these codes, just send them in an SMS message to Beacon.

  • Send 123 to Log In to Beacon and change your status to On-Duty
  • Send 456 to Log Out of Beacon and change your status to Off-Duty
  • Send 789 to change your messaging mode from Data to SMS — for example, when you lose Internet connectivity on your smartphone and need to communicate with Beacon via SMS (Read more about Messaging Modes)
  • Send 000 to send an SOS Message and alert all Web Dispatchers and Supervisors that you need assistance immediately
  • Send 411, followed by any other text, to send a Chat Message to Web Dispatchers (Read more about SMS Chat)
  • Send (ID#), followed by any other text, to submit Incident Notes (Read more about Incident Notes)
  • Send ### to request the SMS Code Index
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