The Sidebar is used to view and locate active incidents and available and assigned responders.

Sidebar Navigation

  1. Active Incidents — Click on an active incident to center the screen on the location and display the Incident Summary Card

a. Incident Location — Displays the address of the incident, as entered by the dispatcher

b. Incident Labels –Displays the class, category and/or type of incident

c. Incident ID — This is a unique identification number for each incident

  1. Responders — Click on a responder to center the screen on their location* and to display their contact info, including voice and chat buttons

d. Assigned Responders — Responders assigned to an active incident appear in dark, along with the ID of the incident they are assigned to and their current status

e. Available Responders — Responders who are available appear in green

*Note: If the responder is using SMS only or has not enabled location permissions on their device, their location will not be available.

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