Arrival On Scene

After you have confirmed en route, you will be asked to confirm when you’ve arrived on scene.

Workflow Message 3: Confirm Arrival On Scene

  • Response Prompt — Asks you to confirm when you have arrived at the scene of the incident and/or located the patient
  • Action Buttons — Describe your options to reply to the response prompts
    • On Scene — Informs dispatchers that you’ve arrived at the incident location and/or found the patient
    • Unable to Locate — Informs dispatchers when you can’t find the incident location and/or patient; a notification will be sent to any dispatchers monitoring the incident through the web pages and be displayed on their computer screen
      • Communicate through the Chat Screen to get any updated information from the dispatcher or other responders
    • Cancel — Informs dispatchers that you are no longer needed or able to respond to the incident

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