Mobile App Settings

The Settings page allows responders to configure the app and manage their status.

Navigation: Settings Page

  1. Displays the Phone Number you’ve registered the app with. This is also the number where SMS will be sent by Beacon when in SMS Mode.
  2. Use the Availability Status setting to set yourself to On-Duty (shown as a green icon) or Off-Duty (shown as a gray icon)
  3. The Messaging Mode shows how you will receive communications from Beacon
    • Data means you will receive messages and alerts through the mobile app via push notifications
    • SMS means you will receive alerts through your phones default text messaging app
      • Another way to switch from Data to SMS is to send 789 to the Beacon number as an SMS message. After you do this, you’ll get a reply message from Beacon saying “You have switched from Data to SMS messaging
      • *Important: If you switch the Messaging Mode from Data to SMS, you must immediately close the app without switching to any other screens in the Beacon mobile app. All screens in the Beacon mobile app require Data to function, so if you change your Messaging Mode to SMS and then go back to the Home Screen, for example, then Beacon will switch your Messaging Mode back to Data so that you can view the map.
  4. Click the Transport Mode icon to switch your Transport Mode
    • Note: Whenever you switch from Off-Duty to On-Duty, Beacon will ask you to select your Transport Mode. If you don’t do this, you will not receive new communications from Beacon
  5. Click Language to select which language you want displayed in the mobile app as well as SMS messages
  6. Click the Performance Report button to display your personal stats
  7. Click GPS Tracking to select how frequently you want Beacon to capture your GPS location. There are three options:
    • GPS Tracking Setting: “Always”*
      • Shares your location every 30 seconds when not assigned to an incident; every 10 seconds when assigned to an incident; and whenever responder completes a step in the incident workflow
    • GPS Tracking Setting: “Only During Incidents”*
      • Shares your location only when assigned to an incident (every 10 seconds) and whenever you complete a step in the incident workflow
    • GPS Tracking Setting: “Never”
      • Never shares your location except when the dispatcher clicks the “Ping” button on the web pages
    • *Devices: In order for Beacon to capture your GPS location, iPhones and Android behave differently:
      • iPhone: The app must be open, but it can be in the background or foreground and the phone display can be on or off
      • Android: The app must be open in the foreground and the phone display must be on
    • Important: Unless otherwise instructed by your management, we recommend that you select “Only During Incidents” unless your phone is plugged into a constant power source as selecting “Always” will quickly drain your battery.

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