Incident Alert

The Incident Alert displays all of the information about an active incident and allows a responder to reply to the request for assistance.

Workflow Message 1: Incident Alert

  • Collapse/Expand Response View — Click to collapse or expand the Incident Summary Card
  • Incident Card Header — Indicates where you are in the response workflow
  • Incident Location — Click to open your preferred mapping application and get step-by-step routing directions to the incident (e.g., Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps etc)
  • Incident ID — Click to re-center the screen on the incident location
  • Response Prompt — Describes what action is needed to continue in the workflow
  • Action Buttons — Describe your options to reply to the response prompts
    • Confirm — Clicking “Confirm” will open up a new dialog box that will ask you to enter your estimated time of arrival (ETA) to the incident location in hours:minutes. After you have entered your ETA, click “Confirm” in the dialog box and Beacon will tell you whether you’ve been assigned to the incident, need to standby, or aren’t needed for this incident.
    • Decline — Clicking “Decline” will inform dispatch that you do not want to participate in this incident.

En Route

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