Home Screen

This is the Beacon Mobile App home screen. The map is managed and edited by dispatchers through the Beacon web pages.


  1. Sidebar — Displays lists of Active Incidents, Assigned Responders and Available Responders
  2. Create Incident Screen — (Only visible to mobile dispatchers) Brings you to the screen where you can create new incidents
  3. SOS Button — When clicked, Dispatchers, Supervisors and Administrators will be advised that you personally need assistance immediately
  4. My Location — Click once to center the screen on your location; click and hold to keep the screen centered on your location as you move (the icon will turn blue)
  5. Duty Status Icon — Displays your current Duty Status
    • Gray = Off Duty
    • Green = On Duty
    • Dark/Colored = Assigned to an Active Incident
  6. Home Screen — Brings you to the Home Screen
  7. Chat Screen — Brings you to the Chat List screen
  8. Settings Screen — Brings you to the settings screen where you can manage your status, transportation mode, messaging mode, etc.

Map Markers

Map markers are indicated by the blue arrows in the photo above and can be clicked on to display more information. There are three types of map markers:

9. Active Incidents — These are shown as red, yellow or blue  map markers and indicate where active incidents are currently happening

10. Landmarks — Include hospitals and other transport destinations, hazards, and other points of interest

11. Paths — Can show macro paths (like hurricanes or tornadoes) or micro paths, like evacuation routes and detours

12. Zones — Illustrate areas of interest, like flood zones, the boundaries of mass gatherings, etc.



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