Create New Incidents

Responders who have been given Mobile Dispatcher permissions can create new incidents through the Beacon mobile app which will be sent out to all available responders. It’s important that only trusted responders are given Mobile Dispatcher permissions.

Navigation: Create a New Incident

  1. Click on the Address Bar at top. This will bring you to a map where you can use the Search Bar if you know the physical address of the incident location, or you can manually place the Incident Location Marker
  2. Once the Incident Location Marker has been placed, an address will appear in the Geo-Referenced Location* box. Move the Incident Location Marker manually if needed to get the correct physical address. If no physical address is available, the latitude and longitude coordinates will appear instead. Then, click “Save Location
  3. Click on the Incident Description* field to enter more information
    • *Note: The Incident Location and Description are required to create a new incident; all other fields after are optional
  4. Select the Incident Class**
  5. Select the Incident Category**
  6. Select the Incident Type**
  7. Use the Max. Responder Quantity Selector to determine the maximum number of responders that Beacon will accept for this incident
  8. Where necessary, you can select Priority Responder types and quantities for Beacon to prioritize if you have a lot of responders replying to alerts.
  9. Click Submit to create the incident and send an alert to all available responders


Once created, Beacon will inform you by push notification every time a responder has been assigned to this incident.


If you want to cancel this incident, return to the Sidebar on the Home Screen and click the red Trash Can next to the incident. You will be required to give a reason why you are canceling the incident which will be sent out to all Assigned Responders as well as to Web Dispatchers.


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