Additional Resources

The first person to confirm on-scene is marked by Beacon as the Incident Commander and is asked to determine if Additional Resources are needed.

All other responders who confirm on-scene after the Incident Commander will skip this step and either be asked to Confirm Transport or Complete the Incident

Workflow Message 4: Request Additional Resources

  • First, open the sidebar to see which other responders have been assigned to this incident.
  • If more resources are desired, click Confirm to be shown the Additional Resources Selection dialog box (see next image)
  • If no additional resources are needed, click Decline

Dialog Box: Select Additional Resources

If you would like to request additional resources:

  • Select the Resource Type from the dropdown
  • Indicate the quantity desired
  • Click Confirm to send out the Request for Additional Resources to available responders
  • Click Cancel to go back to the previous screen

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