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The Beacon Mobile App is an accompanying app to the Beacon Emergency Dispatch Platform. If your agency hasn’t yet signed up for an account, the app will only show you a few generic demo screens.


IMPORTANT: If your agency already has a Beacon account, make sure that your account administrator has created a profile for you through the Beacon Dispatch Website before you download and register the Beacon mobile app on your personal phone. You will know a profile was created for you when you see a map of your agency’s catchment area after registering through the mobile app.

If you see a map different than your agency’s in the mobile app, or you’re not receiving alerts after you’ve set your Availability Status to “ON-DUTY” in the app settings (and also double-checked that you registered the app with the correct phone number), please send us an email with your phone number and agency name so we can put your user profile in the correct agency account.


Click here to see the current status of Beacon Messaging for SMS and the Mobile App, including an updated list of known issues.


Beacon Account Manager will be expected to be able to answer questions and help trouble-shoot common problems for Dispatchers and Responders. To ensure that Account Managers can do this successfully, we’ve created this assessment tool to evaluate how prepared you are to do that.

Before taking the assessment, it’s necessary to completely read through both the Dispatcher Guide and the Responder Guide.

Account Managers who cannot answer all questions correctly will be at risk of non-compliance with our Terms and Conditions and should therefore review the guides in order to remediate the issues before attempting to manage an emergency response network through Beacon.

Send us an email to share how you think Beacon can help your service.

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