Coordinate prehospital responders on any phone

Send Emergency Care Anywhere

Beacon is a text message-based emergency dispatching platform for emergency responders and agencies that need better communications.

Beacon makes emergency dispatching possible anywhere there’s a mobile phone signal by relaying requests for emergency assistance as text messages to the nearest trained responders — with or without internet on any mobile phone. Beacon automates the dispatching process by guiding the nearest available emergency care providers to quickly locate, treat, and transport emergency victims to healthcare facilities.

Overcome challenges in delivering rapid prehospital emergency care whenever it’s needed:

Beacon make emergency response more efficient

Whether you’re responding to one emergency incident in one town with five responders, or you’re responding to 25 emergencies across multiple jurisdictions with 300 responders, Beacon reduces the need for redundant, time-consuming and error-prone radio chatter by automating the predictable aspects of emergency response using any mobile phone.

Beacon reduces response times

Beacon decentralizes emergency dispatching so that anyone carrying a mobile phone can be dispatched to emergency incidents, enabling prehospital emergency care providers to get on scene well ahead of the ambulance and giving them the ability to manage incoming resources from their own phones.

Beacon reduces technology costs

Mobile phones have radically changed the landscape and Beacon is taking full advantage of the opportunity. Whether you have legacy CAD systems, or you’re using off-the-shelf mobile apps, Beacon offers a comprehensive dispatching solution that will easily integrate with whatever existing communications you have.

Prehospital emergency response with Beacon

    A dispatcher receives a call from a witness to an emergency incident, collects their information and sends it as a text message alert to all available responders.


    After receiving replies from available resources, Beacon determines the nearest and most appropriate vehicles and personnel according to the dispatcher’s criteria, and instructs those responders to proceed to the incident location


    Once the responders have located the incident, they inform Beacon that they are on-scene


    The first responder to confirm arrival on-scene is marked as “Incident Commander’ and is given the option to request additional resources according to needs encountered on-scene.


    When transport has been confirmed, the responder indicates to Beacon which facility they’ll be going to, how many patients they’re transport, and when their expected arrival will be.


    While the patient is being transferred to the appropriate facility, an advanced notification message is sent to the receiving facility, allowing for direct contact between the transporting crew and hospital staff.

Beacon Use Cases

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