Responders Panel

  1. Assigned Responders (red) are assigned and responding to an incident and cannot receive new alerts
  2. Assigned Responders (red tab / green icon) has not yet acknowledged assignment
  3. Available Responders (green) are not assigned to any incidents and can receive new alerts
  4. Opens VoIP application to call this Responder’s mobile phone (e.g., using Skype)
  5. Opens a private chat with this Responder
    • Note: If the header of the private chat room leads with “SMS”, that means the Responder is currently interacting with Beacon via SMS. If the header only shows their name, that means they are currently using the mobile app (Internet data) to interact with Beacon. Due to the nature of SMS messaging, Beacon treats the two communication modes separately.
  6. Edit Responder details
  7. Cancel Incident Responder – It will cancel the responder’s participation in the incident and allow them to receive new incident alerts.
  8. Log out the Responder. It will change responder status from AVAILABLE to NOT AVAILABLE.
  9. Manage Click to view and edit all Responder profiles, on and off duty

Profile Menu

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