Select Responder Type

Beacon offers two types of responder workflows to navigate responders through emergency incidents:

  1. Responders that Transport Patients
  2. Responders that Don’t Transport Patients

Each of the workflows will send a different sequence of messages to the responder and can be changed by editing the “Responder Type” setting on the Edit Responder screen, as pictured here.

Included here is a breakdown of each message sent for the two workflows.
(Glossary of Terms available at bottom)

Glossary of Terms:

  • Broadcast Alert = The Incident Alert is sent to all available responders who are assigned by Beacon based on number of responders needed and their ETA to the scene
  • Assigned by Dispatcher = Responders are assigned to the incident by the dispatcher before or after the incident is created; because they are assigned, Beacon will skip the Incident Alert (Message #1) and instruct them to “Proceed to Location” (Message #2)
  • Incident Commander (IC) = The IC is the first person to confirm arrival on-scene and are asked if additional resources are needed
  • Not Incident Commander (IC) = Anyone who confirms arrival on-scene after the Incident Commander (and skips Message #3)
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