Select Responder Type

Beacon offers two types of responder workflows to navigate responders through emergency incidents:

  1. Responders that Transport Patients
  2. Responders that Don’t Transport Patients

Each of the workflows will send a different sequence of messages to the responder and can be changed on the web pages by editing the “Responder Type” setting on the Edit Responder screen (pictured here). It can also be changed by responders on the mobile app Settings page.


 Download this PDF  and follow the exercises to practice the message sequences that are sent to different Responder Types. (Please, trust us on this. Otherwise you might think messages are being skipped when they’re not.)

Included here is a breakdown of each message sent for the two workflows. (A Glossary of Terms is available at the bottom of this page.)

Glossary of Terms:

  • Broadcast Alert = The Incident Alert is sent to all available responders who are assigned by Beacon based on number of responders needed and their ETA to the scene
  • Assigned by Dispatcher = Responders are assigned to the incident by the dispatcher before or after the incident is created; because they are assigned, Beacon will skip the Incident Alert (Message #1) and instruct them to “Proceed to Location” (Message #2)
  • Incident Commander (IC) = The IC is the first person to confirm arrival on-scene and are asked if additional resources are needed
  • Not Incident Commander (IC) = Anyone who confirms arrival on-scene after the Incident Commander (and skips Message #3)

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