Select Responder Type

Beacon offers four types of responder workflows to navigate responders through emergency incidents:

  • Patient Transport (e.g., paramedics, EMTs)
  • Response Only (e.g., firefighters, search and rescue, community responders)
  • Animal Transport (e.g., animal rescue, animal control)
  • Transfer / Delivery (e.g, inter-facility transfers, dialysis, supply)

Each workflow sends a different sequence of Beacon messages to the Responder when assigned to an active incident. They Responder Type can be changed on the web pages by editing the “Responder Type” setting on the Edit Responder screen (pictured here). It can also be changed by Responders on the mobile app Settings page.


Download this PDF  and follow the exercises to practice the message sequences that are sent to different Responder Types. (Please, trust us on this. Otherwise you might think messages are being skipped when they’re not.)

Included here is a breakdown of each message sent for the different Responder Type workflows. It’s important to read the notes included beneath the table.

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