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  2. Beacon Gateway Number — This is the number that Beacon uses to communicate with Responders via SMS. Responders should save this number in their contacts and assign it a unique, custom ringtone. It can only be used by Responders who have had their phones registered with Beacon and is not for public use (like 911, 112, 999 etc).
  3. Language — Allows dispatchers to select the web page language. If you do not see your language, email [email protected]. Current languages available include: 
    1. English
    2. Spanish
    3. French
    4. Haitian Creole
    5. Swahili
    6. Arabic
    7. Chichewa
    8. German
    9. Nepalese
    10. Somali

Send us an email to share how you think Beacon can help your service.