Incidents Panel

  1. Red Map Marker – Indicates the location of an active incident. Click the marker to display a pop-up with a summary of the incident. Click the ID number in the pop-up to see the full Incident Details Page
  2. Incident Summary Card – Shows a real-time summary of an Active Incident’s progress
    1. The Red Circle shows how many responders are assigned to this incident
    2. The Green Circle shows the number of responders who have completed their involvement in the incident
  3. Incident ID Number – Clicking on the ID number brings you to the Incident Details Page, which shows a more detailed view of the incident (not necessary to view to manage active incidents)
  4. Incident Caret – Click the caret (▼) to view the incident summary, including location, description and responder status
  1. Cancel the Incident — When clicked, you will be asked to include the reason why it’s being canceled. This explanation will be sent as a message to all Assigned Responders
  2. Geo-Referenced Location — Click on the address to center the map on the Incident Marker.
    If no location could be referenced by the maps provider and the Dispatcher did not manually edit the location before creating the incident, it will say “Unnamed road” or show the nearest road
  3. Caller’s Name and Phone Number as stated by Caller and recorded by the Dispatcher on the Create Incident Panel
  4. Incident Class, Category, and Type (if selected by the Dispatcher when the incident was created). Each of these can customized in the Create Incident Panel
  5. Responder Tags (if selected by the Dispatcher when the incident was created)
  6. Incident Description
  7. Assigned Responder Status — Click on the icon to center the map on their location (only possible if they are using the mobile app and have given Beacon access to their location)
  8. Assign Additional Responders to the incident after it’s been created by clicking this button and selecting the desired Responders

Responder Panel

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