Incident Details

The Incident Details page allows you to monitor and evaluate incidents both during and after they occur.

To find the Incident Details page for an active incident, click the Incident ID number.  (For completed Incidents, click on the Incidents button in the Main Menu at top of page).

  1. Name of caller and address of incident along with category and type of incident.
  2. Incident ID number.
  3. Name of responders and whether thay are assigned or available.
  4. Incident map.
  5. Total requests for assistance — Number of requests for assistance sent to available first responders (initial alerts + requests for additional resources)
  6. Late Replies — Number of replies received after confirmation window 2 closed
  7. On-Time Replies — Number of replies received from first responders within confirmation windows 1 and 2
  8. Confirmed resources for this incident – number and type of first responders who confirmed they can respond to the incident. 
  9. Use arrows to switch between on-duty responders.
  10. Message Log — All alert messages / requests for assistance sent to first Responders
    • First responder’s name and phone number
    • Beacon alert to first responder (outgoing messages appear in blue)
    • First responder reply (incoming messages appear in yellow)
    • Arrows are used to scroll through message logs for all individual first responders.

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