1. Main MenuNavigate to other Beacon pages
  2. Agency Account Menu — Access different agency accounts here
  3. Desktop Notifications — View all incident notifications and updates
  4. Chat Access chat messages from dispatchers and responders
  5. Profile MenuManage your account settings
  6. Map Search Bar — Enter and search locations, landmarks and latitude / longitude coordinates
  7. Satellite View Switches the map to Google Satellite view (not available if using OpenStreetMap)
  8. Ping Responders — Click to locate responders on the map (only possible for responders who are using the mobile app and have granted location permissions to the Beacon mobile app)
  9. Refresh Click to refresh the dashboard map
  10. Map EditingClick to access tools to edit your map
  11. Resources Tab View and manage responders and hospitals
  12. Incidents TabCreate and manage active incidents

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