Create an Incident

  1. Click the Incidents Tab
  2. Then click the plus sign to open the New Incident Panel to create a new incident
  3. Use the Search Bar to look up addresses, landmarks or by latitude/longitude*
  4. Add the Incident Map Marker by clicking on the correct location and placing your marker at the desired location
  5. That location will then be auto-populated in the following checkboxes. Check the box to include it in SMS messages:

    • A. Geo-Location (Required): Address location that is stored in the map library. *This address can be edited.
    • B. What3Words Address (Optional, SMS Only): Includes the corresponding W3W location in the SMS message
    • C. Latitude/Longitude (Optional, SMS Only): Includes the Latitude/Longitude coorinates in the SMS message
  6. (Optional) Click on the Zone/Group Tags to specify some or all of the Zone/Group Tags that you want to broadcast alerts to
  7. (Optional) Include free-form text in the Incident Description to provide additional descriptions or comments about the incident
  8. (Optional) Enter the Caller Name and Caller Phone Number. This is optional and is for Web Dispatchers only so will not be sent to Responders.
  9. (Optional) Select the Incident Class, Category and/or Type. These can be customized by clicking the Edit button.
  10. (Optional) Click the Broadcast Alert box if you want to send the alert to all Available Responders
  11. Then enter the Maximum Number of Responders you’re willing to accept for this incident
  12. Click the drop-down to select and Pre-Assign Responders
  13. Click Create at the bottom of the New Incident Panel to create the incident and send the alert

*Note: Latitude / Longitude should be entered using Signed Degrees format: e.g., 42.55782, -120.98657

To learn more about the Broadcast Alert and Assign Responder functions, click here.

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