Create an Incident

  1. Click Create New Incident
  2. Add the Address (required)
    1. Click on the map to place the Red Map Marker where the incident is located. The address will automatically populate.
    2. Use the Search Bar to find a physical address, nearby landmarks or the latitude/longitude*
    3. Edit the Address, if necessary (this will not change the location of the Incident Marker)
  3. Add a Description (required)
    • It’s important to describe the incident location accurately, especially for SMS Responders who cannot use the map to locate the incident.
  4. Enter the Caller Name and Number (in case you need to call them back; this information is only available to web dispatchers and not shared with responders)
  5. Enter the Incident’s Class, Category and Type (these can be customized by clicking the “Edit” link)
  6. Select the Dispatch Type (see: Dispatch Types for more explanation on the difference between the Broadcast and Assign options)
  7. Click Create at the bottom of the New Incident Panel to create the incident and send the alert

*Note: Latitude / Longitude should be entered using Signed Degrees format: e.g., 42.55782, -120.98657

To learn more about the Broadcast Alert and Assign Responder functions, read the Dispatch Types page.

Update Incident Location

Sometimes, the incident location will have to be updated after the incident has been created. Follow these steps to update the incident location:

  1. Display the Incident Summary
  2. Click “Update”

There are three ways dispatchers can update the location:

3. Move the Incident Marker to the updated location
4. Use the search bar to look up the address or coordinates (and then move the Incident Marker to the updated location)
5. Type in a custom location
6. Click “Confirm” when you are satisfied; the updated information and coordinates will be sent to responders

7. The updated location info will be displayed here

Map Editing

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