Broadcast Alerts & Assigning Responders

Beacon allows web dispatchers several options for creating incidents and managing responders:

  • Broadcast Alert: Check this box to send the incident alert to all available responders
  • Assign Responders: Open the drop-down and assign specific responders to the incident

In the screenshot below, you can see how a dispatcher can broadcast an alert and assign responders in the same incident:

  1. The dispatcher wants to broadcast the alert to all available responders, so they check the Broadcast Alert box
  2. The dispatcher indicates that they would like a Maximum of 8 Responders assigned to the incident, and
  3. The dispatcher will use the Assign Responders drop-down to select and assign specific responders to the incident*
  4. When the dispatcher clicks the Create Incident button, Assigned Responders will be told to “Proceed to Location” and responders receiving the broadcast alert will be asked if they can respond and how long it will take them to arrive on-scene (Read more about the different Responder Type workflows here)

*Note: Responders assigned by a dispatcher do not count towards the maximum number of responders mentioned in Step #2

Important rules to remember:

  • If the Broadcast Alert box is unchecked, you are required to assign at least one responder
  • If the Broadcast Alert box is checked, you are not required to assign responders (but you can, if desired)
  • It is possible to both Assign Responders AND Broadcast an Alert in the same incident. This is useful, for example, when you have multiple responders but limited ambulances — or when the ambulance is 45 minutes away, but there are also responders only a few minutes away. In such cases, it’d be possible to assign an ambulance and then broadcast the alert to a large group of responders on foot or motorcycle nearby so that Beacon can also assign the nearest X responders.
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