Add Transport Destinations

Transport Destinations are specific locations where people or things are taken to by Responders, so will appear as options for Responders using the Responder Type: Patient Transport. In order to make sure that these destinations appear as options in the mobile app, they must be added through the map.

To add a new Transport Destination:

  1. Open up the Map Editing Toolbar
  2. Select the Landmark Icon
  3. Find the location on the map and drag the Landmark icon in place
  4. Select one of the choices under Transport Destination and the address should appear (very important step)
  5. Select the desired color, give the destination a name and add any comments, if needed
  6. If you would like to send Arrival Notifications to the Transport Destination when a Responder has confirmed transport to that destination, add a name and phone number under “New Recipient” (read this page to learn more about Arrival Notifications)
  7. Click Create
  8. The new hospital will appear in the Map Markers dropdown on the right, under the Transport Destination section (all other map markers will be listed below, under Other Locales)
  9. Upload Images — You can upload images for landmarks from your computer. Images uploaded by Beacon Mobile App user will also display here.

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