Add / Edit Responders

Add Responders

  1. Phone Number – Be careful to select the correct international code by using the correct flag
  2. Responder Type (click here to learn more about different Responder Types)
    1. Transports patients – Responders who can transport patients to the hospital
    2. Doesn’t transport patients – Responders who cannot transport patients to the hospital
  3. Mobile Dispatcher – When this box is checked, the responder is given permission to create new incidents through the mobile app
  4. Supervisor View – When this box is checked the responder will be able to see on their device the last known location of all other responders that using the mobile app

*Responders who have been registered will appear in Manage Responders

    1. Responders in green are logged in and available. They receive alerts for new incidents.
    2. Responders in gray are logged out and unavailable. They do not receive new incident alerts.

Edit Responder Details

To edit a responder’s details:

  1. Edit Icon — Click on the pencil icon next to the responder’s name. This will bring you to the Edit First Responder page where you can edit their details as necessary
  2. Click Save — Once you have edited the information, click the “Save” button.

Note: Beacon mobile app users cannot have their phone number changed after the number has been registered with the app. If the phone number was incorrectly entered, delete their account from the website and create a new account.

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