Add and Edit Responders

Add Responders

To add new responders, fill in all of the fields marked by *. Pay special attention to the following fields:

  1. First/Last Name — Enter the responder’s first and last name
    • Note: If the user is a response vehicle, enter the vehicle identifier in the Last Name section only (e.g., Unit 414)
  2. Phone Number — Be careful to select the correct international code by using the correct flag
    • Note: If phone numbers begin with “0” when dialing domestically, it should not be included at the beginning of the phone number.
  3. Responder Type — Set the type of response workflow required for the responder. (Read more about Responder Type here)
    • Transports Patients — Workflow for responders who will transport patients to the hospital or other destination facilities
    • Response Only — Workflow for responders who only respond to the incident scene, but don’t provide transport (e.g., Firefighters, Community Responders etc)
    • Transports Animals — Workflow for animal rescue groups who transport animals to clinics
    • Transfer/Delivery — Workflow for responders who transfer patients and/or make multi-stop deliveries
  4. Responder Tags — Assign tags to Responders based on their geographic zone, skill, resource, training or other grouping (Read more about Responder Tags here)
  5. Mobile Dispatcher permission — Allows the responder to act as a dispatcher and create new incidents through the mobile app
  6. Responder Management permission — Allows the responder to add/edit/delete other responders through the mobile app
  7. Supervisor View permission — Allows the responder to see the location of all other mobile responders on the mobile app map at all times (assuming they have granted location permissions in the app and meet all other criteria for sharing real-time locations)


Scroll down to see a searchable list of all responders that have been registered in your account.

All responders that have been registered will appear here.

  1. Responders icons in Red, Yellow or Blue colors are are logged in and assigned to an active incident, so will not receive alerts for new incidents
  2. Responders in Green are logged in and available, and will receive alerts for new incidents
  3. Responders in Gray are logged out and unavailable, they will not receive new incident alerts
  4. Hover the mouse over the Tags Icon to see the Responder’s Tags
  5. Click the Cancel Responder button to cancel the responder’s participation in the incident. This will allow the responder to receive new incident alerts and respond to new incidents.
  6. Click the Log In/Log Out Button next to the responder’s name to change their Availability Status (Note: It’s also possible for Responders to log themselves in/out through the Beacon Mobile App or using SMS Codes)

Edit Responder Details

To edit a responder’s details:

  1. Edit Icon — Click on the pencil icon next to the responder’s name. This will bring you to the Edit First Responder page where you can edit their details as necessary
  2. Click Save — Once you have edited the information, click the “Save” button

Bulk Upload Responders

Need to add a large number of responders to Beacon?

  1. On the Manage Responders page click on the Bulk Upload button
  2. Download the xlsx template
  3. Enter the details as per the instructions on the Readme page
  4. Upload the file to Beacon


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