How Trek Medics is Supporting Communities to Respond to the Covid-19 Pandemic

Prehospital emergency care providers and community responders are the default frontline defense mechanism against infectious disease outbreak in any public health system.


With the outbreak of Covid-19, Beacon is now being redeployed to support and manage community-based resource delivery networks in the US (MN, WA, CT), Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic to enable delivery of food and medications, and to conduct welfare checks for high-risk and vulnerable populations.

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In cases of severe cholera, patients can die in as little as four hours. Without reliable access to basic care and transport, the majority of preventable cholera deaths will occur before patients arrive at the hospital.


The West African Ebola outbreak was a prime example of what happens when local communities have no centralized way to report suspected outbreak cases, leaving contagious patients to go untracked until they reach the hospital, infecting untold others along the way.

Stay ahead of the outbreak curve

Beacon can help public health systems and first responders detect and respond to a disease outbreak by collecting data at the point-of-contact.

Outbreak surveillance & monitoring With beacon

    A person with symptoms is concerned they may be infected and contacts the local outbreak surveillance number.


    A dispatcher takes the caller’s information and sends it out through Beacon as a text message to all available and appropriate responders in the community.


    Beacon selects the nearest and most appropriate responders among those who reply, according to pre-determined selection criteria set by the dispatcher.


    Upon arrival, responders assess and triage the patient(s), determine the need for additional resources, and prepare for isolation and/or transport.


    If transport is required, advanced notification is sent to the receiving facility, indicating transport status and arrival updates.


    Continuous epidemiological and logistical monitoring tracks the patient case from point-of-contact to hospital arrival, providing a wealth of data to decision-makers previously unavailable.

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