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A digital pager for responders. Alert and coordinate responders through any mobile device, with or without internet connection.

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Beacon Use Cases

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Active Programs

Dial 911 in major cities and tourist spots to call an ambulance in the Dominican Republic

Since we first launched Beacon, the Dominican Republic has been an ideal partner with scores of trained and willing volunteers in communities across the country responding to emergencies on some of the world’s most dangerous roads.

Dial 112 or 114 to call an ambulance in Tanzania

Led by the indefatigable Dr. Marko Hingi, the Tanzania Rural Health Movement in Mwanza has been using Beacon to pioneer a community-based emergency medical system of moto-taxi drivers, firefighters and community health workers, bringing together a diverse group of responders and coordinating their operations.

Dial 123 or 1554 to Call an Ambulance in Guatemala

Recently launched with the Guatemalan Volunteer Fire Department just outside Guatemala City, the 69th Company are using Beacon to dispatch community volunteers to a range of community emergencies — above all, to respond to motor vehicle collisions which accounted for nearly 65% of the first 150 incidents dispatched through the platform.

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