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Beacon Features


Design, test, launch and be ready to scale your own communications platform in less than 30 minutes

Editable Maps

Use editing tools to give responders real-time map updates through the Beacon mobile app

GPS Tracking

Know where emergency crews are and what they’re up to with GPS tracking

Mixed Dispatching

Assign specific response units to an incident and/or crowdsource the closest responders

Custom Call Codes

Load your own emergency call codes, whether for medical, fire, rescue or security

SMS Compatiblity

Works on any mobile phone, using push notifications when Internet’s available and SMS alerts when it isn’t

Real-Time Reports

Real-time performance reports for individual responders, incidents, and aggregate performance

Destination Tracking

Add local destination facilities, whether hospitals or evacuation shelters

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Beacon has been developed with generous funding from:

Cisco Systems Corporate Social Responsibility awards Trek Medics Impact Fund grant Awards Trek Medics Global Impact Award

And in collaboration with:

Vision Point Systems

About Beacon Emergency Dispatch

BEACON is a text message-based emergency dispatching platform designed by Trek Medics International specifically for communities where consistent ambulance response is not available. By relaying requests for assistance from the scene of an emergency to trained responders throughout the community via text message, the Beacon emergency application enables the nearest available emergency responders to quickly locate, treat, and transport victims to local hospitals when needed.

AN URGENT NEED FOR INNOVATIONRight now there are 4-5 billion mobile phone subscribers across the globe who have no way to call for help in the event of an emergency using a simple number like 9-1-1. Yet, according to the World Bank, “Nowhere is the demand for efficient communication and rapid transportation more critical than in emergency medical care.”

ABOUT THE PLATFORM Developed in partnership with Vision Point Systems(Blacksburg, VA), Beacon mimics the conventional emergency dispatch technologies used by the most advanced emergency systems, but relies on personal devices to offer a wireless emergency alert system that’s both scalable and sustainable. [i] Kobusingye O, Hyder A, Bishai D, et al. “Emergency Medical Services.” In: Jamison D, ed. Disease Control Priorities Project. 2011 Chap. 68, p.1261–1279.

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Active Use Cases

Whether dispatching for a motor vehicle collision or an expectant mother in labor, in a possible cholera outbreak or to manage the day’s routine referrals, a good dispatching system takes the guesswork out of emergency communications. Beacon achieves this by automating the coordination of emergency resources, making sure the right help is delivered by the right people in the quickest and most effective way possible, every single time.

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Beacon Emergency Dispatch for Persons with Disabilities


Patient Transport by Personal Motorcycle


Dial 911 in major cities and tourist spots to call an ambulance in the Dominican Republic

Since we first launched Beacon, the Dominican Republic has been an ideal partner with scores of trained and willing volunteers in communities across the country responding to emergencies on some of the world’s most dangerous roads.

Dial 112 or 114 to call an ambulance in Tanzania

Led by the indefatigable Dr. Marko Hingi, the Tanzania Rural Health Movement in Mwanza has been using Beacon to pioneer a community-based emergency medical system of moto-taxi drivers, firefighters and community health workers, bringing together a diverse group of responders and coordinating their operations.

Dial 123 or 1554 to Call an Ambulance in Guatemala

Recently launched with the Guatemalan Volunteer Fire Department just outside Guatemala City, the 69th Company are using Beacon to dispatch community volunteers to a range of community emergencies — above all, to respond to motor vehicle collisions which accounted for nearly 65% of the first 150 incidents dispatched through the platform.